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Who Are We?

Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity (cli) is an organization created to encourage a pro-integrity movement that could transform a country and with it, the future. We are not an anti-corruption program.

Cli believes that we can create an integrity movement in every nation - one person at a time. We encourage you to be a person of integrity. Together we form an integrity movement. cli thinks that one person can make a difference. However, experience reveals that a person of integrity seldom succeeds alone. The quest for integrity requires the empowerment of a community. A personal resolution to live a lifestyle of integrity will fail without the help of others. Healthy relationships life us up, build us up and keep us from falling. We do better together.

Creating a good future for the succeeding generations is a noble vision. However, to realize that vision every generation must be equipped to live with integrity… not just the adults. After all, children make up nearly 50% of the population. Why wait until kids become adults?

Instead, let’s begin to coach them before they develop unhealthy habits. Wouldn’t it be better to help children develop good character. Rather than attempt to undo bad habits or break patterns of corruption?

Code Name Integrity teaches integrity through life application. Our goal is not just information, but lifestyle transformation. Click here to learn more about the Kid’s Integrity Training Program. 

At cli we have created curriculum for adults and kids.

Click here for all of our Integrity Resources.

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Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity

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