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Our Birth

Several years ago, a dream to address corruption birthed in Don Mann's heart. A clear vision compelled him. He knew his efforts would not be the only ones. Just as many laboratories are necessary to find a cure for cancer, so too integrity requires many initiatives to overcome the corruption pandemic. Despite the daunting challenge, Don pursued his dream. He taught seminars addressing the issue. Attendee feedback proved overwhelming. African leaders said, "Africa needs the message of integrity," and they asked for more training.

Bill Pipke first met Don while visiting Zambia. Don invited Bill to join his teaching team for a conference entitled Lead with Integrity. As Bill studied for that event, the significance of integrity overwhelmed him. Two things emerged in his research. First, he observed the far-reaching consequences of corruption. Second, Bill noticed the substantial benefits of integrity. Why had he been so unacquainted about with this topic?

The call to integrity grew. As Bill joined Don Mann's conference team to teach on integrity, he was astounded by how profoundly the message of integrity influenced each attendee regardless of age, gender or position. The post-conference feedback forms confirmed the relevance of our conference theme.

Several years later, Don and Bill delivered another Integrity Conference. In the night that followed our first day of sessions, both experienced a defining moment. Perhaps it was a divine appointment, but they both felt a compelling call to commit themselves to the vision of raising people of integrity. The following morning, we both shared our late-night ‘awakenings’ with each other. That morning in a Nairobi Kenya Java House “Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity”, (cli) was born. Don and Bill devoted themselves to launching an integrity movement across Africa.

Will corruption be eradicated? Nelson Mandela said, "People always say it's impossible until it's done." May it be accomplished!

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Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity

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