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Rather than deconstructing corruption

We have all experienced the negative impact of corruption.  A lack of integrity costs everyone.  As a result we dream of a world with integrity.   Imagine the joy of dealing with less dishonesty, theft or dishonour.  Imagine practices like bribery, fraud and abuse becoming uncommon.  cli makes integrity a reality.  Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity exists to help people live and lead with integrity.  Our training transforms lifestyles and creates a culture of integrity in the home, office, school, business, church or team. 

"The cli experience has raised the bar for me and nailed down the importance of Integrity in every area of my life; home, relationships, work and areas in which I serve. cli has helped me to be more disciplined to do the right thing, to be real and accountable to myself and others. I have been encouraged and inspired by the transparency and sharing by others in the cohort and appreciated the excellent leadership that our group had."

a Lifestyle of

CLI moves beyond anti-corruption programs; it is a pro-integrity lifestyle.

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