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Where Are We?

Currently, Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity (cli) has the privilege of coming alongside and partnering with key leaders in six different African nations:
• Kenya
• Sierra Leone
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe
• Ghana
• Togo (French)
It is such an honour to partner with professionals who are specialists in their particular fields. Presently, we are working in these countries with bishops, politicians, innovators, pastors, businessmen, educators, charity workers, counsellors and more… Not only are these leaders experts in their fields but they are also experts in knowing their own cultures and history, speaking the language and understanding what needs to change.

We, at cli, believe that as we learn and work together it is possible to see Kingdom change in the areas of education, business, government, church and family. We know that as we listen to God and each other, change can happen for the better in every area of life.

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