Stay Focused

by  | May 17, 2017 | CLI Blog

When my wife was working at a Canadian bank she was trained in how to identify counterfeit money. Although she also had technology like a scanner to support her, the management required that she could instantly and accurately recognize bogus currency. The way they equipped their employees was simple but brilliant. They taught them the unique features embedded in the genuine money. The more my wife learned about the real the easier it became for her to discern the false.

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When Duplicity Seems Smart

by  | Aug 14, 2017 | CLI Blog

The story is told about the farmer who left his prized cow with another friend so he could go on a trip. The cow died while the farmer was gone. Upon his return, he was distraught to learn of his cow’s death.

“I was going to sell the cow,” he said. “I desperately need the money.”

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