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This blog is called Integrity-Trust. It is mean to be like the “i-t” of integrity. Here are some reasons you will want to check out “i-t” on a regular basis.

QNA – Inquiring Thought. A person committed to a lifestyle of integrity will encounter some challenges. “i-t” will probe deeply into the tough, and complex questions that the pursuit of integrity raises.
Coaching – In-depth Teaching. “i-t” presents information not found in the book. The blog will explores critical topics and provide practical application. “i-t” is written to equip the person who is serious about
living a life of integrity.

Operating System

Recently, I was on a Zoom call with a friend, and we started to talk about the WHY of Integrity. He asked me, Why do you think integrity is so important? I thought about how do I explain my passion and conviction to him in a memorable way. And here's what I said.

Think about your smartphone. They're pretty impressive. Sometimes I actually think my smartphone is smarter than I am. Now on my phone, I have dozens of apps. And these apps or applications are a software that has been designed and installed to run on my smartphone. Generally, an app has a specific, rather narrow function. And there are apps for food delivery, weather, games, entertainment, photo editing, shopping, business productivity, scheduling, communication, and so many more. And all of these run at my request.

Now, apps are different from my phones operating system. The operating system works as an interface between the user and the hardware. It handles a variety of tasks from directory creation, managing processes, deletion, and synchronization. It also allocates or deallocates memory space. It manages and controls the hardware. In effect, it prevents the system from off unauthorized access and secures data. My smartphone's entire functionality depends on the operating system.

Now, when I think about integrity, is it an app or an operating system? I think integrity is not an app. Integrity is the operating system. If integrity is like an app, you can turn it on and use it only as needed, it's optional. But if integrity is the operating system, then every aspect of life depends on it and it is essential. I think the idea was also expressed when I entitled my book, Integrity: The Best Foundation. You see, integrity is the operating system. Another way to think about it, it's the foundation. Proverbs 2 says, "Whoever walks in integrity walks securely. But he who makes his ways crooked will be found out."



Leadership is impossible without integrity. And integrity is inconceivable without doing the right thing even if it costs you.

The true story is told of a father who took his son shopping for a guitar. The boy had worked hard to save enough money to purchase a Gibson guitar, the one of his dreams. And the father encouraged him and said, “I will pay the taxes.” They went to the store and they found the exact instrument the boy dreamed of owning and playing. The son was beyond excited as they walked to the counter to pay for his prized instrument. The salesman recognized the father and said, “Although this is a personal item for your son, if you agree your son can purchase the guitar without tax by you allowing him to use your business account to pay for it. Together you can save a sizeable amount of money.” The father replied, “No, it's a personal item. And I promised my son I would help him by paying the taxes. The salesman protested, “Well nobody would know or care if you paid the company for the invoice.” Again the father responded, “Sir, that's not true. Because I would know, my son would know, and God would know, and so would you. I care about my integrity. My integrity cannot be compromised for a few dollars. I want to do the right thing even when it cost me. I hope my son will always be a man who will do the right thing even when it costs him.”

Parents, you can't complain if your child doesn’t tell the truth if you are dishonest or compromise the truth. The proverb writer challenges parents to train their children in the way they should go. How do you do that? Well, the best and most compelling way to train them is by personally setting an example of the way they should go. We reproduce who we are not what we say. Integrity is doing the right thing even if it costs you.

Get Out of Your Rut Part 2

Are you in a rut of the same old thinking, the same old results? last time we were together we shared three steps to get out of your rut:

1. Assume responsibility for your rut

2. Believe that you can change

3. Clarify what you wanted to change


Today, we're going to talk about number four, Don't wait for ideal circumstances, the perfect time to act will never come. Ecclesiastes says, “If you want perfect conditions nothing will ever get done.” Perfectionism produces procrastination. Waiting for the right time tends to paralyze. We keep telling ourselves it’s not the right time and if it's not perfect. The truth is the time to begin is now.

Step five. Exercise, eat properly, and rest your body. Fatigue causes procrastination, and many people feel too tired to change. It takes energy to make significant changes in your life. So take care of yourself. Sometimes it’s the most important action you can take is in order to get out of a rut. Pay attention to your physical, your mental rest, and your food intake, regular exercise, these things will give you the energy you need.

Number six. Do it now. Three essential words for getting out of the rut are, “Do It Now.” If you say, “Well, I'll do it someday,” that someday never comes. The great tragedy of life is wasting our energy. Dreamers are a dime a dozen, but it's the person that takes action that makes a difference. Faith without action is worthless.

And what are the things that are holding you back? Are you blaming someone else for your inaction? Do you believe you can't get out of the rut? Have you little idea of what you’d really like to do? Have you been waiting for the perfect moment? Do you fail to take good care of yourself? Well, ruts don't need to last forever. The integrity of a person refuses to abide in the ruts. It gives us power to step out of ruts when we live with integrity.

Get Out of Your Rut

Today we're going to talk about ruts. It's been said, “The difference between a rut and a grave is the dimension.” Ruts develop in our relationships, work, or spiritual lives when we have not changed what we do or how we do it for a very long time, and as a result life becomes dull and disinteresting. But the good news is we don't have to remain in a but there's a way out. And I've discovered six steps to help myself and others get out of life's ruts. And if you're in a rut, or you're trying to help someone out of a rut, perhaps these steps will help.

Number one, assume responsibility. You can divide most people into three categories:

  1. Accusers blame everyone else for not moving towards their goals.
  2. Excusers they justify their failure and rationalize their inaction.
  3. Choosers accept responsibility for their life.

You want to be a chooser. Admitting you're in a rut and that you have responsibility for it is the beginning of getting out of that rut.

Secondly, believe you can change. Your attitude towards your ability to change makes a great difference. Science proves you can change, and I've discovered that I can change and I believe everyone can change for the better. Most people would say that the most difficult person that they have to ever lead is themselves. What will it take to motivate you to change? Do you hurt enough to want to? Have you seen enough to be inspired to? Have you learned enough to plan for it? And have you received enough to be able for it? Believing you can change is the second important step. Romans says, “Don't become like the people locked in a mindset, instead change the way you think. Unless you change how you think, you're unlikely to get out of the rut."

Thirdly, clarify your desire. Write down what you want to change. A famous psychologist confessed that one of the most helpful things he could do for people to help them find happiness was to teach them to establish goals. James wrote that a person who is unable to make up his mind is undecided and will remain in the rut. Part of the reason we stay in ruts is we haven't decided what we're trying to do. Next time we're together we will take a look at three more steps out of ruts. Remember, integrity pays attention to the price of change.

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