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CLI teaches that there are six Pillars that provide a foundation upon which people build their integrity. We choose the metaphor of a pillar because, in ancient city sites like Ephesus, the pillars are the part of the city still standing. Ephesian pillars endured as attractive, strong, lasting and foundational witnesses to a culture. The cli Pillars of Integrity will establish an integrity.

The 6 Pillars of Integrity are the foundation the cli message.

Pillar of influence

Influence Establishes Authority

Pillar of Trust

Trust Establishes Dependability

Pillar of Honour

Honour Establishes Possibility

Pillar of Dignity

Dignity Establishes Identity

Pillar of Truth

Truth Establishes Credibility

Pillar of Authenticity

Authenticity Establishes Transparency

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Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity

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