The CLI Manual

People who choose to become CLI participants can purchase the Manual. The Manual functions like an integrity compass in the heart and mind of each participant. It explains the six pillars of integrity in a way that participants can apply them in every aspect of life, especially their mountain of influence. It is a resource for the person who is serious about becoming a person of integrity and teaches what is necessary to live a lifestyle of integrity.

The CLI Manual functions as more than a book. It is a textbook, and personal notebook/workbook. Make it yours … write in it, make notes, answer questions, draw diagrams, etc.

The study of the manual is the key to the cohort meeting. Every participant should take the time to study the CLI Manual prior to his or her cohort meeting. Pre-study of the manual increases the learning and reinforces the truth. Pre-study also influences the quality of group discussion and sharing. Participants who come to the meeting prepared for the   lesson, come with a higher sense of anticipation. It is a fact, that pre-study of the manual  amplifies the truth and establishes integrity, deep in your soul.

Presently, CLI Manuals are available from the National Director, Regional Coordinators, Cohort Mentors and at the Summits.

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