How will Commission a Lifestyle of Integrity become a movement?

Here is our strategy. CLI serves in partnership with National Leadership. When CLI receives an invitation or an inquiry from an African country, the CLI Directors explore, with the national leaders, the possibility of launching a movement of integrity in their country. If it seems good to CLI, to the national leaders, and if it is within CLI’s organisational capacity, we will enter that country.

Our first step is to identify a National Chairperson. When the CLI Directors have found that person, they mentor and equip the leader to launch CLI in their nation. The work of a National Chairperson begins by personally studying the CLI Manual. Once they are familiar with the six pillars of integrity and are successfully applying them in their life, they can begin the search for qualified participants. The National Chairperson will find one key person from each of the seven mountains of influence and will walk them through a cohort experience by personally mentoring them in the six pillars of integrity. This launches the first Cohort in that country.

As the seven people complete the CLI Manual, and as their passion for personal integrity intensifies, the National Chairperson will prepare them to become a Cohort Mentor, by asking them to prayerfully find ten people they can mentor. This begins the journey toward a national movement of integrity.

Organisational Structure