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This blog is called Integrity-Trust. It is mean to be like the “i-t” of integrity. Here are some reasons you will want to check out “i-t” on a regular basis.

QNA – Inquiring Thought. A person committed to a lifestyle of integrity will encounter some challenges. “i-t” will probe deeply into the tough, and complex questions that the pursuit of integrity raises.
Coaching – In-depth Teaching. “i-t” presents information not found in the book. The blog will explores critical topics and provide practical application. “i-t” is written to equip the person who is serious about
living a life of integrity.

Lack of Communication





Without a doubt, the most significant detriment to employee engagement of all five is today's topic. According to a recent Gallup Poll, "employers account for at least 70% of the disparity in employee engagement". This statistic suggests that the leader has a massive influence in creating employee engagement or disengagement.

 Think back to the four factors that contribute to employee engagement. Remember them?

  1. Lack of Belonging

Belonging is about collaboration and peer-to-peer connection, which are within a manager's ability to support.

  1. Lack of Mission

Employers need to explain how company goals foster a sense of purpose.

  1. Lack of Recognition

For recognition to become an integrated norm, it requires buy-in from leadership.

  1. Lack of Growth

Good team managers ensure people feel appropriately challenged, with opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Therefore, although employee engagement isn't the direct responsibility of the leader, it is undoubtedly within their influence. 

If leaders can identify what makes a great employee disengage, all kinds of solutions are available to boost morale. When organizations safeguard against disengagement, communication flows freely between managers and employees. Generally, managers must meet with team members at least once a week. Successful leaders use these check-ins to keep a pulse on engagement. The awareness gained guides them to guard or take action to boost workplace morale  

We have considered 5 of the top things that threaten workers' engagement. As we close, I want to remind you that the book of Proverbs states - integrity sees the dangers and takes appropriate steps to avoid them.  

So be wise, stay engaged and reap the benefits. 

A Chance to Grow





I have been talking about the top five things that threaten worker engagement. We recognized the frustration of feeling like you don’t belong, the discouragement of working without a mission to embrace and the demotivation from lacking recognition—all very significant negative influences surrounding engagement.

Today we look at a fourth challenge, the lack of opportunity to grow.   North America is seeing what has been called the Great Resignation. It’s happening because people realize that work is only a part of healthy living.  Most people think holistically about life. It's not just the pursuit of a paycheck.  People want to grow.

As workers leave their job at record rates, they are increasingly seeking a work-life balance. Most are looking for opportunities to grow and make a difference. The measure of success is no longer just higher compensation, but now it includes personal growth 


According to research from Gartner’s 2021 Work Survey, 65% of respondents said the pandemic made them rethink the place work should have in their life. The pandemic has  

... shifted attitude to value aspects of life outside work

            ... made them desire to grow as an individual and to contribute to society

            ... made them question the purpose of their job


The fourth key to excellent employee engagement is the chance to get better.

Employees who feel their role has hit a dead end will check out. Employees who anticipate meaningful steps forward in their current position will engage more. This is partly because the Creator designed the brain to be future-oriented. We are hungry for progress.

So how should employees and employers respond?

At its best, the relationship between employee growth and company growth can be symbiotic. Make space for dialogue around professional goals. Work to ensure the tasks people do in support of the organization also contribute to their personal development. Make it a win-win situation.   And finally, check whether employees feel sufficiently challenged.

People of integrity desire personal growth. Integrity inspires us to contribute beyond ourselves.

Character is Never a Secret




Did you hear about the young man who was overheard as he made a call at a pay phone?  After he dropped in his coins and punched in the numbers, an eavesdropper heard the following comments:

Sir, could you use an honest, hard-working, capable employee? The young caller asked.   Pause…

“No?  … Oh you already have one?  Well, thanks anyway.” He said and hung up.  As he left the pay phone he had a huge smile. 

Young man, I couldn’t help but overhear you, said the listener, “Am I right in thinking you just got turned down for a job?”

I sure did, grinned the caller.

So what have you got to be so happy about?  

Because, I am the honest, hard-working, capable employee they already have.  I was just checking on my job security.

If you disguised your voice over the phone and asked your employer the same question, what answer would you get? 

Would your boss say, “I am sorry, that job is already filled with just the right person?”  Or would they say, “We really need the kind of person you are describing?  When could you come in for an interview?”

Although integrity seldom seeks attention it always gets noticed.  CAN true character remain a secret? 

Your daily actions and attitudes reveal your character.  That principle is certainly true at work and it also applies to your entire life.

Your negative traits quickly gain attention.  You can’t hide deception, dishonor, gossip, pettiness, anger, or discord. 

On the other hand, your positive traits are also on display.  People know about your teamwork, enthusiasm, humor, honesty, and harmony.

The truth is - character whether positive or negative never remains classified or top secret.  Integrity will be published, it’s called reputation. 

Someone said, “Business is a lot like the game of tennis.  Those who don’t serve well end up losing.  That is certainly true when it comes to your integrity. Keep serving within the lines.  And enjoy the game.

A Vanishing Sense of Purpose


We are talking about five of the most common enemies threatening employee engagement.

The first enemy we identified was a lack of relationships.  Right next to relationships as a frequently cited workplace demotivator is a lack of mission.  Mission tells us what matters and why.  It gives us a sense that we are part of something greater than ourselves and more significant than status, salary, or success.  It inspires us to build a more joyful, fulfilling life.  

In today’s millennial-dominant workforce, people often seek jobs that provide a platform to drive improvement in the world at large.   Millennials are known for their desire to contribute to something greater than themselves, but to some extent, this appetite for a higher-level purpose dwells within us all.

A growing body of research shows that a sense of purpose is a strong predictor of contentment and a powerful antidote to depression.  Purpose-driven people

While it would be nice to find your purpose with a quick search on Google, the reality is that it is not that easy. Experience has taught us that our purpose tends to sit at the intersection between what we care about most and where we can contribute most to helping others.  Integrity’s Pillar of Authenticity acts as a guide to purpose discovery.

Let me wrap this video up by giving three questions to point you toward your purpose. 

  1. What do you care about? What lights a spark in you?
  2. What hard-won wisdom do you share? Great understanding often comes from our hardest knocks.  Often adversity points us to our highest purpose
  3. What are you good at? While your purpose may not draw on all your strengths, it will certainly flow from one of them. 

A strong sense of purpose is key to engagement. 

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