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This blog is called Integrity-Trust. It is mean to be like the “i-t” of integrity. Here are some reasons you will want to check out “i-t” on a regular basis.

QNA – Inquiring Thought. A person committed to a lifestyle of integrity will encounter some challenges. “i-t” will probe deeply into the tough, and complex questions that the pursuit of integrity raises.
Coaching – In-depth Teaching. “i-t” presents information not found in the book. The blog will explores critical topics and provide practical application. “i-t” is written to equip the person who is serious about
living a life of integrity.

Are You Engaged or Disengaged?






According to the State of the American Workplace Report, only 1 out of 3 employees are engaged.  Engaged workers love their jobs and make their organizations better every day.  On the other end, 16% of employees are actively disengaged — they are miserable in the workplace and destroy what the most engaged employees build. The remaining 51% of employees are not engaged — they’re just there.

From an economics point of view, if companies were simply to double the number of engaged workers from one-third to two-thirds, spirited employees would reverse the seriously declining national productivity.  And workers who are engaged tend to live healthier more productive lives outside of work.

From a personal satisfaction vantage point.   If people deceive themselves by looking busy and avoiding productivity their work becomes less rewarding.  Instead of adding personal fulfillment, any escape such as surfing the web or time wasting demotivates.   Those who become disenchanted with their organization tend to pull back on their participation and often they adopt a naysayer response which also diminishes their job satisfaction.  But it doesn’t stop there, the frustration carries over into other aspects of life.   And bad habits of disengagement at one job tend to move with employees when they go to the next job.  

From an integrity perspective, living a productive purpose-filled life is the best paycheque.  So what makes a great employee disengage?  Why do things quietly start to change?  How does a once-inspired attitude dim, a healthy work ethic wilt, and that I’m in commitment check out?   The Pillar of Dignity within integrity motivates each person to self-determine values and live with purpose.  Dignity says you are not a victim and life does not just happen to you.  People of integrity learn to stay engaged and avoid disenchantment even in the routine aspects of life.   

In the next few Integrity-Trust videos, I am going to explore five of the biggest enemies of employee engagement.   I am going to share some proven ideas that will build a better work culture and engage employees. 

Today I encourage you to make your own list of the five things that challenge work engagement. There are many things that undermine worker engagement, I’d be interested in hearing from you on this subject.  I am going to give you 5 of the most common enemies that threaten employee engagement, but there are other enemies as well. 

Remember, that integrity guides good people, but the unfaithful are destroyed by duplicity.  Disengagement is nobody's ally or friend. 

How to Get to Top and Stay There

On top



I was about to lead a professional development training session for a group of civil servants in Sierra Leone. That day my host’s introductory comments grabbed my attention, she said, “Charisma will never sustain success but integrity can keep you at the top.” 

My host went on to reference a story that everyone in the room knew.  A high-profile leader had recently been removed from office.  Although this leader was very charismatic and possessed a skill set and education superior to most people, HE lacked one essential thing, a foundation of integrity. 

It was just a matter of time before his career imploded.  My host held up our CLI material and looked in my direction then back to the group and said, “today’s training on integrity is intended to help you sustain your success and stay on top.” 

The room was ready.  My host had made it abundantly clear that long-term success required more than skill, education, or charisma.  The foundation for sustainable success is integrity. 

An ancient proverb says;

            Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,

            but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. 

History bears witness to this fact. What made King David a success but later led to his failure, in his success King David shepherded the nation with the integrity of heart and skillful hands  But in the day of his shame he ruled with years of experience and skillful hands however he abandoned his virtue.

You can get to the top AND you can stay there if you remember Integrity is the foundation for lasting success NOT skill, training or charisma

Never too Busy for Integrity




Have you ever thought that because you were so busy and dealing with so much pressure it might be easier to skip doing the thing of integrity?  Generally, living with integrity requires more effort.  Why does corruption often seem easier and more attractive?

Let me tell you about a man named David.  At one stage in his life, he was under huge pressure.  He could not imagine being busier at home or the office.   He was under intense external pressure from the Saul Foundation.   In response to the stress, he moved his headquarters to a place called the Cave of Abdullah. 

As soon as he had established himself and was feeling like he was on top of things, his father’s household and a group of friends heard about it, they went to him seeking his help.  How would David respond?

Would he say, I am far too busy I am already stretched too far?  I have no capacity to help you with your concerns.  As a leader, David realized their need and his need were interwoven.  He had discovered that by serving the needs of others he was replenished and succeeded. 

When we are extremely busy we do well to remember the positive empowering feelings we experienced by doing something good for someone else.  Remember the satisfaction of helping a neighbor, or the sense of fulfillment from volunteering, or the gratification from donating to a good cause, remember how it changed your perspective and gave you joy.

Research has found that doing good, in ways big or small, not only feels good but does us good while it benefits others.  The well-being-boosting and depression-lowering benefits of volunteering have been repeatedly documented. 

There is neural evidence from fMRI studies in the brain, showing a link between generosity and happiness.

Serving the interests of others is an integrity principle, and it has a beneficial effect whether you own a business, apply it as a parent, use it in the classroom, or serve as a volunteer.   It just works.

Integrity teaches us we are never too busy to be kind, truthful, generous, or trustworthy.   Remember we are never too busy for integrity.

Win by Losing




Life is not always safe or easy.   And knowing I could lose, forces me to think and work harder.   I want to do whatever it takes to win. But not at all costs.  Not if I have to lie, manipulate, or cheat.

Winning requires that I might lose.
It may not be profitable or feel good, but sometimes losing is the best path to take. Truly successful people realize this.  Winning, while an awesome thing, isneverything.  Success doesn’t have to come at, “all costs.”

Today, the news is filled with examples of people who paid the wrong price to win.  They sacrificed the most critical building block of true success their integrity.  Sure they won.  But the price they paid was character.   The real cost normally can’t be measured in cash, but at times it can.

There are many ways to define integrity.  For me integrity means:

  • Honoring my commitments
  • Never compromising my relationships for advantage.
  • Keeping my word
  • Doing the right thing even if it costs me
  • Admitting when I mess up and making it right


Integrity means becoming whole.   Nobody is perfect. Your integrity and mine will be tested.  Sometimes, we mess up and our integrity falters.   When this happens, we need to fix it ASAP – We need to apologize and pay the consequence.  

Maintaining your integrity takes discipline and courage. When you compromise your integrity, you destroy trust.   

The price of winning can sometimes be higher than losing.  If you want to succeed in business and life, pursue integrity no matter the cost.  Lose a contract, lose a client, lose a friend. But never lose your integrity, if you lose integrity - you lose the most.

Remember, whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.   Proverbs 10:9

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