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A Chance to Grow





I have been talking about the top five things that threaten worker engagement. We recognized the frustration of feeling like you don’t belong, the discouragement of working without a mission to embrace and the demotivation from lacking recognition—all very significant negative influences surrounding engagement.

Today we look at a fourth challenge, the lack of opportunity to grow.   North America is seeing what has been called the Great Resignation. It’s happening because people realize that work is only a part of healthy living.  Most people think holistically about life. It's not just the pursuit of a paycheck.  People want to grow.

As workers leave their job at record rates, they are increasingly seeking a work-life balance. Most are looking for opportunities to grow and make a difference. The measure of success is no longer just higher compensation, but now it includes personal growth 


According to research from Gartner’s 2021 Work Survey, 65% of respondents said the pandemic made them rethink the place work should have in their life. The pandemic has  

... shifted attitude to value aspects of life outside work

            ... made them desire to grow as an individual and to contribute to society

            ... made them question the purpose of their job


The fourth key to excellent employee engagement is the chance to get better.

Employees who feel their role has hit a dead end will check out. Employees who anticipate meaningful steps forward in their current position will engage more. This is partly because the Creator designed the brain to be future-oriented. We are hungry for progress.

So how should employees and employers respond?

At its best, the relationship between employee growth and company growth can be symbiotic. Make space for dialogue around professional goals. Work to ensure the tasks people do in support of the organization also contribute to their personal development. Make it a win-win situation.   And finally, check whether employees feel sufficiently challenged.

People of integrity desire personal growth. Integrity inspires us to contribute beyond ourselves.

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