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Strength in weakness

Strength usually takes you further than weakness, but pretending you have it all together will sabotage your potential, it'll sabotage your relationships, and communication. Strength based relationship is no excuse to ignore the benefits of weakness. You don't have to have it all together, and you don't do everything well. It’s healthy to get over yourself. People who deny their weakness often lose perspective and relationships falter because of pride. Without humility they tend to look down on others and fail to benefit from them. And they disconnect from authentic people. Often they experience frustration because they close the door on receiving help, and they will even hinder the team. When you acknowledge your weakness, you can leverage it for success.

So let me suggest four ways weakness is an advantage.

First, weakness opens your heart to receive help. Everyone needs help from other people and God. Receiving support expands your life and your leadership. Those who receive assistance go further than those who work alone. Two are better than one.

Secondly, weakness helps you honour the strength of others honour recognizes the value each person adds. Honouring strength in others affirms them. Your weakness lets you understand that others matter and appreciate what they bring to the team.

Thirdly, weakness helps us benefit from the strength of others. For example, if you're an idea person chances are you desperately need an organizer on your team. Embrace people with strengths that expand you even if they frustrate you.

Finally, weakness is a roadway to connection. You are less trustworthy when you pretend you have it all together. None of us have it all together. Don’t whine about your weaknesses instead let them become an opportunity to find strength in others. When you honour the strength in others, you attract talented people. Admitting your weaknesses requires integrity. And integrity, expressed in honesty and humility, turns weakness to your advantage.

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