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Parable of the Pencil

If you are interested in making a difference in this world, you need to know three things. Remember these three things and you'll become the best person you can possibly be. Now all of them are Illustrated with a pencil.

First, look at this pencil. You know that for a pencil to be useful from time to time, again and again, the pencil will have to be sharpened. I think if the pencil had feelings we can only imagine how painful and unwelcome the sharpening process would be. But that is what it takes to be auseful pencil. And life is much the same painful experiences and challenges come to all of us, but it is through these opportunities that we build the character that's necessary to become the best we can be.

Now secondly, look at this end of the pencil. Do you see the eraser? The pencil maker recognize that the person who uses a pencil will make some mistakes. So the manufacturer has provided a way to correct your mistakes and help you to continue writing. And life is much the same. We all make mistakes, and when we do make mistakes we will be able to correct the mistakes we make along the way and just keep writing because we've used the eraser. If you learn from your mistakes they will not be ugly marks, but they will become places where you've learned to do it better for the next time. Don’t let mistakes keep you from being useful. Take those mistakes and make them stepping stones and never stop writing. Like this pencil any place that you are used, so to speak, you will leave your mark. You are writing your own story.

Now finally, notice what is in the heart of the pencil. The inside part of the pencil is the most important part. And your inner person is who you really are. Who you areat heart eventually determines the difference you make. So pay attention to your heart. Let wisdom enter your heart and set your heart on what's good. Don’t let your heart just be deceived by wicked schemes or deceit choose integrity. The proverb writer had it correct,Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.”

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