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National Teams

The strategy of cli is to develop national leadership within each country. The Executive Director together with other National CLI Directors mentor the new leadership team for each country. cli is fully committed to equip national leaders to provide country specific direction. It is the national executive in partnership with cli that guides the Integrity movement.

CLI is thrilled to introduce you to our national directors. Each of them gives leadership to a National executive team.

Canada – Bill Pipke

Ghana – Christian Essandoh

Kenya - Bonifes Adoyo

Sierra Leone – Desmond Johnson

Togo – Ron Rust

Zambia -


International Team

The work of the cli National Executive teams is guided by the vision of the cli International Board. The spread of integrity truly requires a collaborative effort. The message, strategies and resources of cli direct a unified front against corruption. Our current International Board Members are:

Bill Pipke

Blair Andrews

Brent Schram

Christian Essandoh

Elly Tuti

Ron Rust


Our Executive Director- Bill Pipke

After 39 years of pastoral leadership, Bill and Shirley became Global Workers. This step was not a surprise. It came after years of mission involvement. During his pastoral leadership he was actively involved in missions. He conducted training summits, lead mission teams, medical teams and conducted evangelistic crusades in Europe, Africa and Indonesia. They helped to plant over 500 churches world-wide. Bill partnered in the development of a Canadian Charity called Loads of Love, which provides global crisis relief and humanitarian aid.

Presently, Bill and Shirley are Canadian-based Global Workers. Most days, Bill can be found on a media platform participating in one-on-one international meetings. Today’s technologies maximize Bill's opportunity to influence and mentor from home. However, much of each year they still devote to the global travel schedule necessary to direct cli.

Bill’s vision is to raise an integrity movement in every country cli enters. He hopes to accomplish this by equipping people to live a pro-integrity lifestyle. cli is a character-based approach to conquer corruption and create cultures of integrity.

Bill dreams of raising a generation of integrity-driven leaders in business, church, education, family, professions, sports, media, technology and the government who will build a culture of integrity, where now a culture of corruption currently exists.

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