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CLI teaches that there are six Pillars that provide a foundation upon which people build their integrity. We choose the metaphor of a pillar because, in ancient city sites like Ephesus, the pillars are the part of the city still standing. Ephesian pillars endured as attractive, strong, lasting and foundational witnesses to a culture. The cli Pillars of Integrity will establish an integrity.

The 6 Pillars of Integrity are the foundation the cli message.

• Pillar of influence - Influence Establishes Authority.

• Pillar of Trust - Trust Establishes Dependability.

• Pillar of Honour - Honour Establishes Possibility.

• Pillar of Dignity - Dignity Establishes Identity

• Pillar of Truth - Truth Establishes Credibility

• Pillar of Authenticity - Authenticity Establishes Transparency

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