Summits bring participants together for celebration, inspirational training, and commissioning. The Summit experience is remarkable and takes people to the next step. Those who attend, hear inspirational stories, listen to great speakers and learn additional insights that augment the truth they have already learned in their cohorts. And for individuals who are no longer in a cohort, the Summit provides refreshing support and immense encouragement.

The Summits gather CLI participants from across the regions. They are a powerful way to enhance a person’s commitment to integrity. CLI will do all it can to make sure that Summits are within a reasonable travel distance. Cohort participants are encouraged to attend the following Summits:

CLI Introductory Summit
Transforming Your Mountain of Influence
Conquering the Big 5 of Corruption
Launching a National Movement of Integrity

CLI is committed to an ongoing process of developing a lifestyle of integrity through the cohort experience and is reinforced by Summits. A certificate of attendance will be given to attendees of the Transforming Your Mountain of Influence Summit. The Person of Integrity Award will be given to those who attend all three Summits and to those who have participated in the full cohort experience.

Summits assist the Cohort Mentors to commission the people who have participated in their group. Upon completing the cohort experience, all participants will be urged to attend the Transforming Your Mountain of Influence Summit. Their motivation and commitment will reach a new level as they attend. At the end of the Summit, participants will be challenged to accept the commission to live a lifestyle of integrity and to find ten people they can mentor. The commissioning is crucial, and catalytic to CLI becoming a national movement.

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