A Dream is Born

Several years ago, a dream was born in the heart of Don Mann to address corruption. Don’s vision was simple. He understood that just as it will take many laboratories to find the cure for cancer, it will take many organisations to diminish the influence of corruption. Don stepped out to pursue his dream. He taught seminars and conferences where he addressed some of the deeper issues of corruption. The feedback was overwhelming. Again and again, leaders said, this message of integrity is what Africa needs…it helps us…how can more people receive this information?”

Bill Pipke and Don Mann first met in Zambia. Don invited Bill to join the teaching team for an Integrity conference. As Bill studied for that event, the subject of integrity captured his imagination. Why had he never preached a series of sermons or intentionally taught principles of integrity? The message of integrity seemed to come at him from every angle. Its influence, or the lack of it, was in the music that surrounded him, in the books he read, and it found its way into his morning devotions. As Bill taught on the subject of integrity, its message penetrated the heart of the audiences.The feedback after the conferences confirmed the importance and impact of a lifestyle of integrity.

A Movement of Integrity Begins

Several years later, in 2014, while Don and Bill were together at a conference on integrity, they both felt a profoundly personal responsibility to address the pervasive destruction of corruption. They believed it was time to raise a movement of integrity. That morning, in a coffee shop in Nairobi, Kenya, Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity (CLI) was born. Since then, Don and Bill have devoted themselves to a relentless pursuit of launching a movement of integrity across Africa.

They hope that one day a movement of integrity will emerge out of Africa and touch every continent. Can corruption be eradicated? As long as pain, sin, greed, and self-interest exist, there will be corruption. However, Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity (CLI) strives to make corruption less and less pervasive and ultimately less and less dominant.

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